Day 1

Fri 3rd Aug 2012

  • Start Time11:33
  • Finish Time17:55
  • Time Spent Moving4:11
  • Miles Done33

So day 1 of my adventure is here as I wake up in my nice air conditioned hotel room. Off downstairs to try my first American breakfast, not too sure how it works so I just try some sausage on toast with some coffee, Their sausage is more like a burger but it tasted just fine, they call our sausages 'strings' over here. I headed over to the mall next to the hotel to get some supplies. I went into a large store and spent some time wandering round, picking up some bits only to find my card is not taken there. Lesson 1: Debit cards are not as popular over here! I guess I will pick up some stuff on the way. just before leaving the hotel I checked my email and there was an email from the campsite I had booked for tonight saying thanks for staying! I checked my paperwork and it seems I had booked it for the night before, Doh! Guess I will have to see if they will still let me stay without paying again.

I prepared my bike the night before so I was able to leave without too much hassle and headed off to the beach I had chosen to start from. It was a hot sunny day and there were a lot of people around, I got a few funny looks dragging my bike across the beach to dip my wheels in the water. I sat there for a few minute comtemplating what I was about to do.

After my wheel dipping I headed in to Boston city and rode round the center for a bit then headed off. I soon realised that my GPS hadn't copied all the routes I needed for the day so I had to stop in a park and re-copy them off the laptop. The Garmin seems to only copy some of the routes selected - have to be aware of this when I am heading off each day.

I stopped in a little town just outside of Boston to get supplies, some food, toiletries and most important - sunglasses, I seem to have lost them before I left the UK - anyone see any in the Cabot save them for me!

I was following a bike path out that closly followed the rail line but soon went onto roads, they were not too busy and were good to pick up how the traffic works. The turn right on red had me for a while and I got a few 'go on then looks' from drivers.

I had to stop a few times in some shade to have some water and something to eat.

The last part of the ride was on a dual carriageway which had a large shoulder for me to ride on and soon I started seeing signs for the campsite I had booked for last night. I arrived at about 6.30pm and they could'nt of been better, I even got a refund because I didnt need water and electricity hookup, their website assumed everyone did. The campsite was called Normandy Farms and was a large campsite that catered for the big RV type of vehicles, it had all the amenities onsite for family holidays.

Day 1 - 30 miles - 3 1/2 hours

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