Day 3

Sun 5th Aug 2012

  • Start Time10:32
  • Finish Time18:43
  • Time Spent Moving4:10
  • Miles Done38

Today started with some coffee over at Sandy's caravan and we were joined by another family - they had a couple of young kids who seemed entertained by my accent. I was asked loads of questions about what England is like and what it is like living there.

I finally got on the road at around 10am and was immediately back on the bumpy track. It didn't get much better when I came across a bridge that had fallen down so I had to drag my bike down a steep slope and back up again. The soil track as becoming more sandy and it was difficult for me to get an traction. This went on for about 5 miles or so then I came to some lovely tarmac road. I soon left this for some gravel track that went on for miles. Going down a hill on this gravel I hit some sand and the bike just stopped and I just stopped when I hit the ground! No injury except to gve my sunburn a good sanding and the bike was fine apart from filling my handlebar bag with sand. I decided that was a good time for lunch, clean out the sand and give the bike a check over. Before the gravel track ended it wanted to take me through a swamp, I found a way round ok without getting too wet.

The gravel soon turned back to tarmac and I was riding through wooded rolling hills. Just before the Connecticut state line I came across a large lake - they called it a pond! - where I took the time to clean my sandy legs off and cool down a bit.

After about 15 miles into Connecticut I was waiting at some lights when I saw a pizza restaurant that looked so appealing. I had my first american pizza that was fantastic. I could not finish it so I had it wrapped to go. I asked around for some camping sites and was told there was one about 10 miles back, I did not fancy going back at all so I kindly said thanks and headed on. I could hear some thunder in the distance so was looking for anywhere to stop. I found a small service road for some electrical equipment at the side of small country lane. About half an hour after I had set up camp the rain came and it came really hard with thunder and lightning going on for about an hour. Didnt get much sleep.

Day 3 - 40 miles - 4 hours of riding.

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