Day 4

Mon 6th Aug 2012

  • Start Time7:19
  • Finish Time18:14
  • Time Spent Moving4:21
  • Miles Done47

I started riding tody at around 7.30am after putting a soaking wet tent away. If my tent gets really wet I can split the inner and the outer parts so they can be packed separatly, it takes a little longer to put up and take down but it saves having to dry the inner part out later. I was on small rural roads for about 5-6 miles where I joined a large road at Gales Ferry. A couple of minutes later I saw a McDonalds so I stopped for breakfast, some free wifi and the chance to charge some stuff up - I ended up staying there for about an hour and a half chatting to people online and putting up pictures.

I finally moved on and was back on the small rural roads again heading towards New London. I had used Google Bike Directions when planning my route and somehow Google thought I could ride through the Groton Naval Submarine Base - No Google you can't, there are some men there with ig guns that say you can't! I quickly found a way round following the main road into New London.

Just before I entered New London I had to cross the Thames river - of course - which was, like everything American, much bigger than the real Thames.

New london was very nice, it had a very nice main street leading down to the riverside. I sat here in the shade for a bit. My GPS was telling me it was 44 centigrade, but with the breeze coming up the river it wasn't too bad when riding. I had to climb some hills on the way out of New London and by the time I had reached the top there was no breeeze and I was feeling the heat. I spotted another McDonalds to I took advantage of their air-conditioning and $1 for any size coke with refills.

I continued on for about 10 miles to Laysville where I came across some kids playing in a lake. I decided to stop and let my feet have a cool down and have a rest for 15 minutes.

Back on the road and I soon crossed the Connecticut River, and headed down near the coast. I stopped by a small river and saw a small farmers market shop where I bought a small homemade apple pie, will be having that later... I asked about camping and was told about a state park about 10 miles or so further on. I reached Hammonasset Beach State Park near Madison around 6pm and was given a nice shady spot, it was very nice except for all the flying things! I finished off my pasta and had some apple pie, it was really really nice!

I am still a little unsure of some of the flora and fauna over here, what can do you harm, what is ok - the ants are enormous and look quite aggressive.

Day 4 - 47 miles - 4hr 30 of riding.

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