Day 5

Tue 7th Aug 2012

  • Start Time9:49
  • Finish Time19:30
  • Time Spent Moving5:27
  • Miles Done58

I got up today at around 8am and finished off the apple pie from yesterday. I packed everything away and I left Hammonesset state park at 9.30am. It was nice and cool this morning at 20c. I headed off down the road towards New Haven. I had about 20 miles to cover before crossing the river over a old steel girder bridge. The control room for the bridge was suspended up in the girders and looked like a small house. I stopped on the water front for a bit for a rest before heading into the town itself.

New Haven is where Yale university is located. I will be honest, I didn't really like the town and didn't really stop too long. I can't really explain it but it just didn't feel right and that I was very out of place. I headed out of town first by going through quite a poor neighbourhood and then the more posh areas. It was only a matter of a couple of streets that separated them and the contrast was very striking. It was also quite hilly on the way out and I had my first taste of small steep hills.

A few miles and I wa in Bridgeport and again the contrast between the expensive areas and the poorer areas was profound. It was starting to get late and stopping for some advice I was told that there was a state park close by and I could probably stay there.

I headed for the park, Sherwood Island, it turns out you can't stay there but I was told there was a secluded spot near a car park for a local prk and ride. I headed down to the car park and there were some boy racer types just hanging around. I sat at the other end of the car park looking like I was witing for someone and they soon headed off in their souped up cars. I quickly set up my tent but the spot was far from perfect. I could easily be seen from the car park and I was about 30 feet away from a busy dual carriageway. Wanting to be able to make a quick getaway if I was asked to move on, I slept in my riding clothes and didnt use my sleeping mat. The night was warm at first but then got quite cold. The only good thing about the spot was I had a nice display from a load of fireflies for about an hour after sunset.

Day 5 - 58 miles - 5hr 30 of riding.

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